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Quality is our first priority, because quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten


Since 2019, Anoum Steel Engineering has been a prominent provider of engineering services. For a range of industrial and commercial purposes, we provide a number of structural, mechanical, and design services.

We have carried out a great deal of structural & other steel detailing work in a variety of buildings and structures. Our team addresses all conceivable requirements of the client, designers, architects, fabricators, erectors, and general contractors by illustrating the issue using drawings and experience.

We use cutting-edge methods and our carefully chosen human resources to complete projects ahead of schedule. We have gained a lot more customers because of our transparent business practises, and they now entrust us with all of their future projects.

Our ideals are ingrained in how we work and communicate and haven't altered fundamentally in years.We always conduct ourselves with credibility and integrity.

Why Choose Us

"We’re Committed to Excellence"


We are proud of our professional capability. We encourage innovation and professional courage whenever it creates value for our customers.


We strive to maintain and expand our capabilities and services without compromising our ethics and quality. We endeavor to provide a confident and quality work environment from our employees excellence


Anuom Steel Engineering believes that our clients' success is our success; thus, we are committed to maintaining high standards of quality, responsiveness and professional services from our end.

We're committed to providing exceptional services

Our experience as qualified steel detailer's enables our fabricators to handle all aspects of the steel fabrication process, from structural design to production. You can expect nothing less than an excellent product from our team because we

Have over 5 years of combined experience

Value your time and will meet every deadline

Take pride in our transparent communication


We get it right from the start and work with you every step of the way.

Structural Steel Detailing

We are Providing the comprehensive solutions for structural steel detailing services. We work round the clock to ensure seamless communication with all our clients. More importantly, we have teams that visit our clients on a regular basis to address their project needs and update their skills.

we understand and respect your delivery time lines. With our increased speed and capacity, you can optimize on your core strength of procuring more business. Strengthen your relationship with your client by bringing optimization value to them; mitigate the negative impact of revisions and reduce shop turnaround times.

From creating an easy-to-read rendering of your structure to being present for the approval process, our structural design expert is with you every step of the way. This hands-on approach guarantees precise results that are sure to please your clients.

  • Complete material list, bolt list, stud bolt list extracted from model in advance for early and bulk procurement and effective site management.
  • Complete 3D model of structures and connections, exporting the nested cutting plans to various CNC machines directly using 3D model software to ensure accuracy in fabrication and erection of myriad of bolted joints.

Detailed shop / fabrication drawings, single part drawings.

GA drawings for erection of structural steel members as per design and detailed drawings.

Estimation Services

The estimation service makes sure that the project operates with the lowest expenses, the least amount of storage space on the job site, and on schedule. We estimate the costs of the materials, accessories, and erection for our clients and provide them with precise quotes.

Our estimation team could help you with:

  • Structural Material Take-Off
  • Reinforcing steel Take-Off
  • Miscellaneous Take-Off
  • Advanced Bill of Material

Connection Design Services

We provide connection design services for Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare , Institutional, Sports and Educational Facilities.

Connection design is a unique process requiring experienced engineers, clear communication with clients to ensure cost effective designs. This challenging component of building construction keeps our engineers sharp and satisfied.

Our Projects

Simple Relationships. Complex Projects.That’s the strength of Anuom Steel Engineering.

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